Loan Information

Mogethin & sirow! We're glad that you're here! This page is to provide you with information to the most frequently asked questions about loan amounts, repayment periods, and our criteria for small loan applications. Please find the details below:


Loan amounts: $75 - $500
Repayment term: 1 to 8 biweekly payments (2 weeks to 4 months)


As we stated on our 'about us' page, we believe in fair and transparent lending, offering reasonable rates and flexible repayment options to ensure your peace of mind. Below is an example of the repayment schedule and additional loan information. 


Representative example: Example is based on the maximum legal annual interest rate of 24%.  WARNING: This is a repayment estimate only. Exact charges, terms and loan amounts will be made available to you prior to actual loan closing.

This example does not include late charges when you make a late payment. A late charge of $5 or 5 per cent is added on to your balance for the unpaid amount that is due after 15 days. 

Please note that each customer may be offered different terms, lower rates, or loan amounts based on individual circumstances, loan performance standing, needs, seasonal promotions, and other lending criteria that will be taken into consideration.

 Before you fill out the loan application, please ensure you have...

1. current employment at the same business for at least two years and have a steady source of income

2. a valid phone number

3. not been delinquent on a prior loan 

4. not currently or previously (within the last six months) a debtor in a small claim case

5. a biweekly salary of at least $75

6. Yap residency for at least two consecutive years

 To process your loan application as efficiently as possible, please be sure to provide...

1. A copy of your most recent check stub

2. If approved, bring in person your valid & current government issued ID

3. Proof of social security number (if it's not printed on your ID)


In addition to your completed loan application, we may require additional information such as the biweekly net income of a cosigner, outstanding credit obligations, credit references, proof of income, and any other relevant information necessary for us to make a decision regarding your loan.

You have the option to fill out an application in person or send it via email. Additionally, our new online platform allows you to fill in and submit your application electronically. Your privacy and online security are of utmost importance to us. Our server has a two-step authentication log in process before an authorized lender can access your information. Like all secure websites, please ensure you are always on before you start submitting any information.
Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our digital platform's terms of service and privacy policy as well. We welcome you to contact us on this website or via email for additional information you require or any questions and suggestions you may have.
We appreciate your time for visiting us. Kammagar.